Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What makes people like each other? Part 3

As I wrap up this section and topic of blogs, I wanted to share the part that I feel is most important. Reciprocation

Reciprocation: The definition is a mutual giving or receiving. And this is very relevant for relationships because both people have to be willing to work at it if the relationship is to last. But I'll give you an example just in case you can't think of the application right away.

So you have two people that text each other. Well there are many different kinds of text personalities out there. One of them is the one word answer, the other is the long winded, another is the type that has smiley faces, exclamation marks. And sometimes there are a few mixed together and there are many more types out there. Now when people text each other, they hope that the other one will "reciprocate" what they do. So a girl is sending a text that explains her day, and everything associated with it. It was a long day! And a lot happened! And so she sent it hoping that the guy will understand her day and at least appreciate it. Then the guy sends a text back saying. "Crazy." The girl goes nuts! She took the time to say that and all he has to say is crazy? And since we tend to avoid punishment or doing something that doesn't go appreciated, eventually she won't look into him. That might be after he likes her like "crazy" or is really into her. But she might lose interest in him because he might not show how involved he is, and since he is not reciprocating, a good relationship could be lost.

This is true for a lot of personalities we like as people. I know that there are people that I couldn't date simply because it wasn't worth the pursuit when I didn't have mutual feelings and actions that they did, whether they liked me or didn't like me. And since no one wants to be burned, they will avoid someone that doesn't show commonality in them at it's earliest signs. Now granted, some people are terrible at interpretations signs or expressions that show their interest, and some are terrible at showing the signs. But when it all comes down to it, conformity is the best option.

I am currently involved with a girl that has an almost identical personality and interests that I do. There are no awkward moments, if so, they are on purpose for entertainment and laughing. And the interest is mutual. I feel like this is how things are supposed to be, and I hope that you have enjoyed hearing about what makes people like each other.

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