Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What makes people like each other? Part 1

This blog will be focused on how a crush develops, what makes someone like others, and what we can do to better our standing in society to be more appealing, all at the same time. I hope you enjoy this, cause I did. So lets begin.
Physique: Body type, did you know that there is an average body type that people like? And it's probably not what you think. So the media is doing a great job of shaping society into whatever they like. The fact is, we like feeling miserable, so much that we will pay good money at a theater to cry, get upset, and even frustrated. Then, if there is a good ending, we will leave and tell everyone that it was a "good" movie. I don't think so. So ladies, tell me if this guy looks appealing to you?

                   Guys can learn a lot about this. Most guys are trying, or at least desiring to be super muscular. What kind of girl wants to hug that? Maybe this one.

                    It turns out that girls like someone that is slender but athletically built. So not a stick figure, and not a guy built like a tank, but someone that is well in between.
So now fellas, tell me if this looks appealing to you?

                     I just threw up anorexia all over the place, and they did too. Sadly, most girls want to be skinnier. So many girls are trying to lose so much weight, but the truth is, a guy doesn't want to feel your rib bones when cuddling. It turns out that the average guy likes a girl that isn't super skinny, but someone that is slender and isn't a toothpick. Oh and girls, it helps us if you can put the food away. It is super awkward when a guy wants to eat at a restaurant, the food arrives, and all he wants is to scarf down the food but the girl is slowly pecking away at the food.
So what makes an attractive face? How about we let the babies show us up on this one.
I put a baby girl on purpose, because Justin Beiber has every girl in the world liking him. And I just Beiber'd all over the place.
So there was a study, and it turns out that when babies looked at faces, they tended to spend more time looking at faces that were more symmetrical, and would turn away at faces that were not symmetrical. Because it is easier for the brain to process a symmetrical face. If you don't believe me, what is the first thing you want to look at when someone has a big pimple on their face. You know something is wrong, your senses are built to notice change! And as a result, we think that a symmetrical face is hot, and a non-symmetrical face is ugly. Whatever is easy on the brain, doesn't that sound a little lazy? But it is true.
I hope this opened your eyes on some physical things that makes the human brain attracted to them. Tune in next time for what makes a like-able personality.
Brett Jones

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