Saturday, August 13, 2011

Women are like Airplanes Part 2

Here it is, the moment you have been waiting for gentlemen. Trust me, all you girls will love this too. Have you ever heard this phrase before? "Women are so complicated!" Well, this blog is about to reveal how a woman thinks. I recommend reading last week's blog to fully laugh and appreciate what will be mentioned here.

Unlike guys, there is a little more to a woman's mind. In order to understand this, we have to use the airplane analogy. A woman's mind is like Air Traffic Control. To explain what this is, at airports you have men or women in a tower that scan for incoming and outgoing planes. When a plane is about to land, the person in the tower signals that airplane to land while the others circle about in the sky around the tower. Sometimes more than one airplane can land at a time depending on how many runways are open. Then they leave. Now, I want you to picture each of these airplanes being an individual thought, kind of like the waffle square used last week. These thoughts spin around in a girls mind, and when one lands, that individual thought is on the thought runway. Remember, more than one can land at a time, this explains why a woman can be talking to you about one thing, then quickly bring up a random new topic all in one breath! They have to get it out there when the plane or planes land! This also explains why girls are much better at multi-tasking. Then the plane leaves and the thought is gone. Now I am going to give a story of a couple on a date using the airplane perspective on a woman's aspect.

I will begin with the airplane thoughts in the sky on her mind. Did I unplug the toaster? I should call my friend and give her comfort. My boyfriend is awesome! My dog just died :'( Did he notice that I got my hair done? I love Italian food! Okay lets begin the dialogue.
Jeffrey: (Walks to girlfriends door to pick her up, knocks, she answers) Hey! I brought you flowers!
Bonita: Oh how thoughtful of you!!! (I hate tulips)
Jeffrey: Let's get some food! I'm starving! (Food square)
Bonita: I'm craving Italian (Italian food airplane lands, as I should have called my friend lands too) Dang it!!!! I totally forgot. What am I doing with my life to deserve this!
(Now Jeffrey thinks she hates him. Jeffrey goes into confused square, and has a brain overload while trying to process what is going on.)
Bonita: Okay lets go!
(They get to the restaurant, Jeffrey orders bread and water. Bonita is ticked because now she doesn't know what to get on the menu that would be cheap enough for Jeffrey to pay for. Jeffrey thinks that he just let a huge window open for Bonita thinking now she knows she can get whatever she wants and it won't be an expensive date.)
(Oddly enough, the "my boyfriend is awesome" plane lands)
Bonita: Jeffrey, you are so awesome. (Bonita laughs) (Jeffrey builds confidence and tells a joke)
Jeffrey: What kind of Burrito are you?
(Bonita comes from a hysterical laugh, and fades into sobs, "My dog just died" plane lands.) (Jeffrey goes into panic square.)
Jeffrey: I really like your hair, it looks nice.
Bonita: Thank you!!!!!!! (Did he notice my hair airplane just exploded)
(They enjoy the rest of their evening)

Guys and girls are quite different. A caveman guy is all about "Deer....Hunt....Kill." While the cave woman is back in the cave slaving over a stove for dinner, while bouncing Obadiah, stops to change Zedekiah's diaper, washes her hands with Amalia, while picking things off the ground with her toes to clean the house as she does all these things. At a campfire setting, a guy is in fire gazing square. Nothing is being processed in his mind but, " oh that ash might catch the" The girl is thinking, "look at his face, he is in deep thought. He must be thinking about me. It's cold out here! Why hasn't he held my hand yet? Am I not giving enough body language? Too much?" Then the question comes. What are you thinking about? The guy freezes. He can't tell her that he was thinking about nothing at all..

I hope this has opened your eyes to a whole new world on the dimensions of how people think. Because they can compliment each other. Guys, when they focus on one thing they go all out. So when they are in girl square, they can do a lot of things that benefit her and other things. Girls are much better at keeping track of things and multi-tasking. Guys struggle with this so they need all the help they can get. Thanks for reading! Did you enjoy it? Post a comment, follow up, or publicize this blog. The buttons are on the bottom, don't be afraid to use them! Tune in next time for more insights on humanistic phenomenon's.

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